Meet the Team

Keith Morgan – Chairman and Chief Tractoring Officer

Keith is a recovering lawyer who, after numerous false starts, got to Texas as soon as he could. He has developed a passion for Texas history, TexMex food and longhorn cattle. Under the tutelage of many generous friends and mentors he is seeking to master the skills required to become a “real” rancher – he’s got a good start on the cowboy hats (and the cattle)!

Jane Morgan – CEO and Head Chef

Jane is a Texas girl who took a wrong turn in parts north of the University of Texas School of Law, but got back to Texas as soon as she could. She relishes her many (many) animals, beautiful land and the opportunity to make biscuits and gravy for family and friends.

Eddie Welch – Ranch Manager and Chief Operating Officer

Eddie has over 40 years’ experience as a cattleman and a rancher. Over his career, he has built and managed beef cattle herds with superior genetics, broken and trained horses and mastered the art of range and pasture restoration and management. In his youth, Eddie was a professional cowboy, competing as the heeler in the 1993 United States Team Roping Championship and coming in fifth out of 714 teams. He and his wife Kelly, the Director of Quality Management at BSW Marble Falls, make their home here at Arroyo Blanco in Round Mountain, Texas.


Rocky – Senior Assistant Ranch Hand

Daisy – Junior Assistant Ranch Hand

Mr. Bojangles and Josie – Assistant Ranch Hands In Training

Our ranch dogs, and assistant ranch hands, live their best lives here at Arroyo Blanco. Rocky is the senior border collie and sire to Josie and Mr. Bojangles. Daisy is the requisite “big yellow ranch dog” that found us when she needed a place to call her own.